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Our three top tips for families on a budget to help keep their family finances under control

The effects of the COVID pandemic, inflationary pressure, a rise in National Insurance & the removal of £20 per week in Universal Credit have all produced a squeeze on family finances.

In response, here are the top three tips from for families on a budget to help keep those family finances under control.  

  1. Set a realistic monthly savings goal and track your progress against this goal. Try not to be too strict with yourself and remember to treat yourself a little along the way.
  2. Have a spending plan and organise your day accordingly. Rather than buy your lunch, arrange to bring with you something you have made or home cooked from your own home. This is more cost effective and usually much more healthy & tasty with it!
  3. Think outside the box about ways to save. Such as creating a savings community among your family & friends thereby making the most of your collective power and maximising your cashback returns. 

Imagine taking months or even years off your mortgage, or having a little extra cash once the rent is paid to help contribute to your savings goals. is the only cashback website that supports your future financial goals.

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