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Save on your mortgage or rent just by shopping at your favourite stores

Start reducing your mortgage & rental repayments now...

What is Mortgage Miles?

Imagine taking months or even years off your mortgage

... or having a little extra cash to contribute to your saving goals?
Welcome to We help you meet your financial priorities and savings goals

4 steps to lower mortgage payments

Our clever purchase tracking monitors your spending with our partners and rewards your account automatically

Four steps to lowering your mortgage or rental payments and reaching your saving goals. Simply pay as you normally would online and in-store and you’ll earn rewards.
To help you get more rewards, you can invite your friends and family to reward you further so you can reach that savings goal faster.

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1. Connect your bank card to your account

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2. Spend as usual using your card in store or online

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3. Get added value using our offers and discounts

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4. Use the cash to pay for mortgage payments, rent or put into savings

Your Rewards

We've partnered with over 100 well-known brands to make earning rewards easy and simple.

All you need to do is link a card and we can automatically reward you.

Learn more about rewards....

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Get started with Mortgage Miles

Collect Mortgage Miles for purchases on your regular bank card. The merchant notifies us when you’ve paid. It’s super easy.