Mortgage Miles

Bust your mortgages, rent, ISA savings & Pension FREE

Earn Mortgage Miles from your everyday purchases…

“Spend” your Miles to reduce your monthly mortgage repayments!

Use your registered card to pay online or in-store

Collect Mortgage Miles for purchases on your regular bank card. The merchant notifies us when you’ve paid. It’s super easy.

How it Works

Connect your bank card to your account

Spend as usual using your card in store or online

Get added value using our offers and discounts

Redeem your Miles for mortgage payments, rent or savings ISA

Spend with our partners

Our cloud based receipt processor tracks your spending and adds Miles to your account automatically!

Using your registered bank card, you can shop in store or online with any of our registered partners.

1.4 million UK households are struggling to pay their mortgage and 2.6 million people think their monthly mortgage payments are too high’ (Source The Daily Express)

Our cloud based receipt processor tracks your transaction and automatically adds the appropriate number of Miles to your Mortgage Miles account!

Earn faster by inviting your family and friends and pool your Miles!

Invite your family to pool their Mortgage Miles into a single account.

Based on the average household spend across all extended family members, a mortgage saving of up to £1000 over the year can be achieved

The more people nominating their Miles to you, the further your cash out value gets boosted!


We Value Your Data

By using our own card tokenisation we don’t hold any card numbers. Our technology is fully PCI compliant, so you don’t have to worry about security, and powers card-linked applications all over the world. One simple integration seamlessly connects to all major payment processors.

You can keep track of all your Mortgage Miles transactions, registered cards, brands and more, all with the App

About Mortgage Miles

Mortgage Miles is the new points scheme to help people reduce their Mortgage payments

Saving for a deposit for your first home is a real struggle. Mortgage Miles harnesses an untapped opportunity, converting affiliate revenue earned from retailers into a point scheme that can be put to real use and help solve the deposit problem faced by a whole generation.

Every time you or your family buy anything online or in store at affiliated retailers Mortgage Miles are added to your account ready to be used towards the deposit for your first home. Mortgage Miles can be redeemed into your Mortgage account deposits or transferred into a help to buy ISA or LISA account.

Mortgage Miles is like a club card for your first home, where everyday purchases online or in store earn you points that add up to go towards your deposit for your first home.

  • Collect Mortgage Miles while you shop online or in store at thousands of retailers.
  • Earn Mortgage Miles from regular payments you make like utilities, mobiles and insurance.
  • Connect friends and relatives to your account to get more Mortgage Miles as they shop.

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