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New Year, New Savings Goals

  • Nick Chambers
  • 13 January 2022
  • | General


With over 10 million people currently registered with UK cashback websites, members are part of a growing community of people looking for new ways to use their cashback rewards to help reach their savings goals

These are our ten top tips for families on a budget to keep their family finances under control during these difficult times.

1.    Start a budget!

If you’re going into your overdraft or dipping into your savings month after month a basic budget can help you avoid that.

Simply write down your incoming wage and make a list of all your outgoings.

Then, decide what categories you’d like to do for the rest of your money.

Telling your money where to go rather than wondering where it went each month is so powerful!

2.    Harness the Power of your own Community

Tap into the collective savings power of friends and family. Ask them to link their own cards to your cashback savings account

By automating the process of collecting cashback, it becomes a lot easier and quicker to reach your saving goals.

3. Find someone who is on the same page as you financially 

It’s so important to talk about money with your other half and share your goals and aspirations. If one of you has debt, be honest and talk about it with your partner.

It never ends well if you hide your financial situation or don’t talk about these things before moving in together or marrying someone.

4. It’s only a bargain if you really need it

It can be so tempting to buy something because it’s on sale or cheap. Especially during high-pressure sale periods, January Sales, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday!

Take a deep breath and sit on making a decision purchase overnight. If you still want it the next day, always have a look around for a better deal first.

5. It’s ok to treat yourself…

When money is tight, you might feel really bad for going out for a friend’s birthday or ordering a takeaway. Remember, it’s ok to treat yourself!

Everyone deserves to have fun and as long as you can plan ahead and live with the cost, it’s ok to give yourself permission to enjoy things! Life is too short…

6. Remember to build a good credit score

Having a good credit score can be beneficial to you. Websites like clearscore offer a free credit check, which is definitely worth checking out!

Building a good credit score doesn’t necessarily mean rushing out and getting a credit card. Things like monthly phone contracts also help you build your score if you pay them each month without any issues.

7. Try not to compare yourself with others

This is a hard one! Especially with social media. It can be really tough as it’s so easy to compare yourself when you see what others are doing.

8. Always have your end financial goal in mind

Keep going until you’ve reached your goal! Then what? Create a new one! Once you have purpose and a plan for your money, it becomes more real. Keep working on those goals!

9. Never stop educating yourself about money

Make sure you keep up to date with money-saving tips. Download new money apps, read books from real people who have paid off debt or achieved a financial goal you aspire to and can connect with.

10. Get cashback on everything!

As you can tell we love cashback too! That is why we set up

Cashback is when you get a percentage of your purchase back via sites like ours!


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